blythe news: phoebe maybe

hey girlies. i just wanna share with you a new AH-DORABLE blythe doll that i found today. i love her. and her name is phoebe (pronounced feebee) maybe. i just love that name. here is cartoon photo of her.

her stock is to-die-for cute, right?!

here is her bio...

I'm Phoebe, I'm a time traveler. I just arrived in the year 1960 to stop my friend from making the biggest mistake of her life! But wait a minute, Phoebe, maybe you are not supposed to change the future. Be careful!

i love that she's from the 60's!

here is more info about her...

Phoebe Maybe travels through time. She wears a dress with colorful flowers printed around her torso.
Between each pleat, there is a pink stripe. Under the dress, she wears a mustard-colored shirt.
She also has green kjnee-high socks and shoes with four straps. When she travels through time,
she always carries her big pink suitcase. She has long light-brown hair with soft curls. Her hair is parted on the side and she keeps it neat with a pink hair band. Her make-up consists of light green eye shadow with salmon pink cheeks and lipstick. She has a special olive-green eye color when she looks left.
Phoebe’s face is the radiance type with? translucent skin.

she's coming out in may and i think i might have to get her! (and nicky lad too, hehe) i can't wait until i see a real finished live photo of her. i know she will be just adorables. :)

♥, madison


a little DIY that i love.

hiya guys, it's me, apple! my mommy let me share a special post about a DIY from holly sarah of createloves. it's the cutest little DIY, and i hope you enjoy making one as much as i watched mommy make mine! here it is...

it's a slouch hat. i just love it! now here's how to make it...it's REALLY easy if you are good a crochet!

Using a fine/dk weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook.
To start, chain 4, and slip stitch into first chain to create a loop.
Row 1: Ch 2. DC (double crochet) 14 into center of loop. Join with a slip stitch in 3rd ch. Ch 2.
Row 2: 1 DC in same stitch as Ch 2. 2 DC in each DC around. Join by slip stitch into 3rd ch. (28 stitches) Ch. 2.
Row 3: 1 DC in same stitch as Ch 2. *1 DC in next DC, 2 DC in next DC* repeat from * until end of round, join with a slip stitch in 3rd ch. (41 stitches)
Row 4: repeat row 3 (60 stitches)
Row 5: repeat row 3
Rows 6, 7, & 8: 1 DC in each DC until end of row, ch 2.
Row 9: Double crochet decrease all around the row. Join with slip stitch. Ch 1.
**Double crochet decrease: Work a double crochet in the specified stitch until two loops remain on the hook. Keeping these two loops on hook, work another double crochet in the next stitch until three loops remain on hook; hook yarn and draw through all three loops on the hook.
Rows 10 & 11: 1 DC in each stitch around, sl st, ch 2.
Row 12: 1 DC in each DC around, sl st, ch 1.
Row 13: 1 SC in each DC around, sl st. Finish off.
i hope you enjoy making one and my mommy will probably show a photo or 2 of my modeling the one she made for me one day. my mommy tells me to say thank you for reading our blog and she will be back with another post soon. if you are interested in seeing the source of this slouch hat pattern, go here.
xoxoxo. apple and mommy.


hi guys!

sorry i haven't posted in a while, i have been SUPER busy with school lately. apple and i would like to give a shoutout to our AWESOME blog readers! you guys rock! and because you guys are so sweet, i am gonna share with you some of my recent favorite eye-candy. :)

lurrrrve this photo by happibug on flickr. it's ah-mazing.

thanks for reading you guys and i will be back with a post in the next day or 2 and a possible sharing of the happy mail i have recieved as of late. (apple has a little sister!)

XoXo, madison


happy easter!

well, the title pretty much says it all, but im gonna say it again...HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! my day will be filled with loads of candy, blythe dolls, showing off my new bathing suit, and gooooood food! i can't wait!
have a great day and i will be back tomorrow. :)

xxoo, madison


flickr feature: megan_michelle

hello there, i hope you are having a good day. i want to share with you one of my favorite photostreams on flickr that i recently discovered. the name of the photostream is megan_michelle. megan has the most adorable blythe dolls. their names are penelope and zooey. what cute names, right?! here are some of my favorite photos...

this is penelope. what a cutie!

this is zooey. i love-love her.

here they are together. ♥

i LOVE this photo of them. they fit so cutely in this Liberty of London box!

and here's a picture of pretty Megan and her girl, penelope

i think these pictures are just the sweetest, and i hope you like them too!

if you want to see more of Megan's adorable pictures, go here.

thanks for reading my blog!



flickr feature: onecoppercent

i just love Penelope (onecoppercent) 's blythe dolls. they are just to-die-for cute. here are some photos...

this is CJ. i loooove her. and her hair is so perfect! to see more photos of her, go here.

this is Jubilee. oh and the color of her hair...i die!

this is Ivey Anne. this custom is so good, she almost looks alive!

and this is Mallory. i just love her little expression. so cute!

if you want to see more of Penelope's photos, go here.
if you want to read Penelope's blog, go here.
if you want to look at her etsy shop, go here.

thanks for reading!

XO! madison

i can't believe it...

...I WON A GIVEAWAY! i almost passed out when i recieved an email from sweet Sandi, of AdaLou Vintage. here's what she's going to send me:

i was so suprised and i can't wait to reiceive her generous giveaway items! i can't thank you enough, Sandi!
my blythe apple will love to have a little blythe sister and i will love looking at those gourgeous Gina Garan post cards for hours on end!

if you want to know more about Sandi, the wonderful lady who created this giveaway, go here. if you want to shop her amazing vintage selection, go here. if you want to shop her totally cool handmade items, go here.

thanks for reading.

xoxo. madison

(i know you may not really want me to share about the giveaway i won, but i just had to, i am so excited!)

i love this vid!

it makes my heart ache for a kenner...but a girl can dream right?!

thanks for reading.

xoxo madison

i'm back.

sorry i haven't posted in a while, i've had the flu for the past 3 days and couldn't do anything at all but watch TV. i just wanted to share with you some awesome stuff i ordered off etsy a few days ago....

i ordered these AWESOME blue boots from blythewithyouandme and they just came in the mail yesterday and i adore them!

i also ordered a custom listing from ababietoy. because it was a custom listing, there isn't a picture. but i bought a plain white and black t-shirt like these only with nothing on it...

a plain black one like this.

and a white one like this.

i hope you like what i bought and i will have pictures of the items i bought on my here and my flickr too!

xoxoxox and thanks for reading!



etsy feature: thestitchedbluebird

hello everyone, i hope you are having a great day. i found this etsy shop from emily of CraftyGirl* a few days ago and i thought i would share some of the beautiful pieces her mom, janelle is making for blythe dolls. i just love her intricate work and choices of fabric. here are some photos...

i just love this dress, it's called Pretty Poppy. what a cute name!

this dress is called Strawberry Patch. too cute!

this dress is called Sunny Poppy. i love it!

these are just a few of some of the adorable dresses she sells! she also sells mini blythe quilts, like this one here...


i just love everything and i will definitely be buying some goodies for my girl apple in the future! to see more of janelle's beautiful creations, go here.

thanks for reading and i will be back with another post tomorrow or the next day. xoxoxo.

madison :)